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Without downplaying the size of your company; entering new markets can be challenging, negotiating culture is different in each region and each company’s business processes require adequate attention. Castiel Group is an excellent support tool to provide analysis and market research in order to get the proper knowledge and make the best decision for the growth of your business. With our leadership we will guide you step by step to initiate activities that will allow durable relations and reliable business with your new partners, of course maintaining a strict level of confidentiality.

Visit agenda may include

  • Meetings with potential customers / partners / distributors in each country.
  • Information on the extent of the market, competitors, legal requirements, trade agreements and international agreements.
  • Introduction to the knowledge of trends and market prices.
  • Introduction to corporate culture, business negotiations and business sales.

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How to sell? Where to sell? Whom to sell?

These are all critical questions to succeed in new markets, we can answer these questions and generate profits to your company using the right negotiation skills for the region.
Our market knowledge, business contacts and networks have helped foreign companies to improve sales performance and increase profit in Latin America.

Our experience enables us to provide the following services:

  • Managing direct sales executives.
  • Optimize sales strategies of existing products.
  • Obtain and maintain Strategic Accounts.
  • Introduction of new products with a marketing plan.
  • Negotiacion, coaching and preparation on your behalf

With our “Know how” and “who we know”
we can deliver effective revenue growth to your business.


We represent companies seeking presence in specific markets, We will become responsible for generating new sales opportunities for your products using your brand. We will manage your local processes, implement your policies and procedures to bring your products or services to the Latin American market. We apply our expertise, negotiating skills and knowledge of each country  to achieve the goals.

Our service will provide:

  • Knowledge of the local market and trade agreements with Latin American countries.
  • Feedback on possible competitors and their current trends.
  • Experience in the management of the supply chain.
  • Implementation and follow up the negotiations in accordance with the local “corporate culture”.
  • Closing skills.
  • The construction of an action plan for your customers and prospects database

We will arrange and control your product line as if you were trading locally.
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Channel Development &

A good strategy applied to the distribution network can help you build customer loyalty, optimize logistics costs, responsiveness and maximize sales opportunities. We will help you to personalize relationships with customers, increase brand awareness and your profits. We work closely with you developing and bringing a mature stage your distribution network; applying best practices of negotiation and administration for the region. With full knowledge of the business culture and strong contacts network, we choose and handle the most suitable distributor for your company.

Key indicators offered by our service:

  • New opportunities for revenue growth.
  • The coordination of country CRM activities.
  • Increased visibility of results for each channel.
  • Monitoring intermediate or final channels.
  • Account Management with the director of each channel.
  • Maximize sales and Optimize marketing investment.
  • Developing marketing campaigns tailored to each region.
  • Detailed monthly reports.

We are your business partner to manage your distribution channels in Latin America


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